Friday, May 29, 2020

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"Where Education, Design, Construction, and Life Cycles Come Together."

Ep. 110: Zoom Fatigue, Hitting the “Digital Wall” and Managing our Well-being during COVID-19 with Steve Todd of Nasdaq & OSW

Steve Todd is AVP, Global Head of Workplace at Nasdaq and Founder of Open Sourced...

Ep. 109: Design a Safer Workplace with Appropriate Physical Distancing | Introducing Space-Right® with Chad Smith & Lori Strasser

Chad Smith is Vice President of Product Strategy at iOFFICE and Lorri Strasser is Vice...

Ep. 108: Planning for the Return to Offices and the Future of the Workplace during COVID-19 with Kay Sargent of HOK

Kay Sargent is Senior Principal and Director of WorkPlace at HOK where she is a...

Ep. 107: ProFM Town Hall: Short & Long-Term Implications of the Pandemic on FM with Stormy Friday, Stan Mitchell & Kylash Ramesh

Stormy Friday is an internationally recognized speaker in facility management, is Chair of the ProFMI...

Ep. 106: The Intelligent Facility Management Transition – How FMs Start Smartly in New Roles with Tyrel Melville, FMP with Scotiabank

Tyrel Melville, FMP is the Senior Regional Manager, Real Estate & Facilities for Scotiabank and...