Federal Asset Leadership Week a Success

Outlined by the Asset Leadership Network

October 21, 2016

Executive Summary

A week-long series of events revealed a strong interest in improving Federal Asset Management with existing best practices deployed across large portfolios. Some of the events were co-hosted with the National Academies of Science’s Federal Facility Council.

High-level involvement from the Executive Office, Federal Agencies and private companies points to wide-spread acceptance of improved asset management governance that leads to dramatic benefits.

All the constituencies have identified the ISO 55000 series of asset management standards as a systematic way to transfer best practices across Agencies and across asset silos to create beneficial, repeatable processes.

Consistently advocated among all constituencies was the empowerment of stakeholders with accurate, real-time asset information to improve decision making; link outcomes to mission; guide operations and provide metrics to indicate status throughout the entire asset life cycle.

A paper resulting from the events highlights ways to gain benefits from improved asset management using an internationally approved systematic asset management approach. Included are case studies that highlight benefits.