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Industry News Online is where you can find news that will put you ahead in your industry.  This site provides you with short shows that bring you up to date on the topics you deal with on a daily basis.  It is a place to visit when you want to find out about new ideas to help you overcome the challenges you have to meet everyday. The site is broken down into industries and then channels.  Each industry will have at least one channel.  Each channel will have weekly shows about various topics in your industry.  As we increase the subject matter for each industry we will add a channel and start new shows.  We hope you watch and enjoy.  

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Industry News Online (INO) is where you can watch the latest news about interesting topics in your industry.  Stay ahead of your peers by listening to experts from your industry discuss important issues facing your industry.  Watch News from organizations in your industry presenting weekly updates. 

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Whether you are an Association, University, or provide products and services, Industry News Online provides you an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise in your industry.  Industry News Online (INO) can help you develop a series of shows on a particular subject that people in your industry follow. You can increase your brand and image by having weekly 10, 20, or 30 minute shows.  We will record or livestream your shows at our state of the art studios near Washington, DC.  The shows will either livestream or be uploaded for viewers to see at IndustryNewsOnline.com.  

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Industry News Online (INO) provides businesses and organizations a great platform to reach their target audience.  INO will reach influential members of your target audience.  Members of your industry that need to know the latest news will watch INO to stay ahead of their peers and competition.  For information on advertising on INO email Mark Giuliani at mlg@gaa.com.